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What we do

UNFPA Latin America and the Caribbean fights for the rights of young people, including the right to access reliable information and services related to sexuality and reproductive health. Empowered with knowledge and skills to protect themselves and make informed decisions, young people can develop their full potential and contribute to processes of economic and social transformation.

People under 25 make up 43% of the world's population. In Latin America and the Caribbean, there is an estimated population of 140 million young people, between 15 and 29 years old. Several countries are going through a period of influx of adolescents and young people, called the period of the “demographic bonus”; a situation that calls upon decision makers and planners to think of interventions that can enhance the capacities of young people with programs to improve access to decent employment, education and health services, particularly sexual and reproductive health.

In addition, it seeks to promote, through technical and political advocacy, investment in opportunities that allow adolescents and young people to develop the knowledge, skills and resilience necessary for a healthy, productive and full life.

Investing in young people, especially adolescent women, is one of the smartest investments a country can make. As parents, teachers and leaders of the next generation, young people can help break the cycle of poverty, strengthening the social fabric and creating a sustainable future.

UNFPA supports the creation of healthy families

Empowering healthcare providers to offer quality family planning services 

Providing contraceptives in emergency situations

Ensuring youth-friendly reproductive health care

Offering guidance and options to women who want to avoid or delay pregnancy

Educating men about the benefits of birth spacing


UNFPA works to improve maternal health

Training health providers

Providing aseptic delivery kits in emergency situations 

Strengthening emergency obstetric care

Ensuring reliable supplies of essential drugs and equipment

Supporting birth spacing 

And that every young person reaches their full development

UNFPA advocates for the well-being of youth

Promoting the human rights of adolescents 

Preventing HIV infection 

Involving youth in decisions that affect them

Supporting comprehensive sex education according to age

Creating safe spaces for adolescent girls

Promoting zero tolerance for violence against girls and women

Promoting youth leadership