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Ensuring that every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe, that everyone has access to sexual and reproductive rights and can live without the fear of violence.


To achieve these goals UNFPA aims at:

  • Increasing the availability and use of integrated sexual and reproductive health services: Family planning, maternal health and HIV.
  • Ensuring that SRH services are gender mainstreamed.
  • Ensuring that basic human rights standards on quality of services and equal access are met.

Achieving these goals will lead to fewer maternal deaths, fewer abortions, lower child mortality rates and fewer unplanned pregnancies, contributing to the three transformative results.

To achieve these results, UNFPA is providing technical assistance to strengthen local policies and regulations, to build capacity of local policymakers; and to support the existing sexual and reproductive health service system.


  • Expansion of the range of modern contraceptives provided by the family planning services of the Ministry of Health (MINSA).
  • Strengthening the institutional and technical capacity of health service suppliers to improve provision of modern contraceptives, including no-scalpel vasectomy.
  • Technical assistance for improved access to culturally sensitive maternal health and family planning services in the Regional Health Directorate of Ayacucho, through intercultural health dialogues.
  • Technical assistance to MINSA in the formulation and implementation of guidelines for maternal health care and the continuity of sexual and reproductive health services during a pandemic.
  • Support to MINSA in the design and testing of models for the continued provision of primary sexual and reproductive health services during the pandemic.


UNFPA has supported the design and testing of new health service provision models in Vinchos (Ayacucho) where, as a strategy for reducing maternal mortality and improving access to family planning services and contraceptives, intercultural health dialogues were conducted.The Vinchos Health Care Centre is the first in the process of being certified and awarded the Intercultural Seal by the Ministry of Culture.